The objectives of the project were accomplished with the development of an integrated tool combining the following actions:

Action Tasks and Activities

Preparatory actions

A1. Documentation of the current status and selection of critical parameters to be tested

To describe previous studies on air quality conditions in subway systems worldwide. 

Recommend priorities with regards to the emission sources to be tested.

Implementation actions

B1. Determination of the impact of selected parameters To determine the impact of the previously selected parameters to elucidate differences in air quality under such parameters (old/new lines, ventilation conditions, platform designs, catenaries, brake pads, air filters, tunnel activities).
B2. Testing mitigation measures and Development of mitigation strategies

To implement a series of experiments on the parameters from B1, with solutions proposed for reducing their contribution to poor tunnel and platform air quality.

To elaborate a report overviewing the possible corrective measures that could be applied to reduce PM emissions in the subway system.

Monitoring of the impact of the project actions

C1. Effectiveness of the project actions To evaluate the effect of B1-B2 actions on PM levels and composition in the subway, by comparing levels and chemistry of PM before/after the studies.
C2. Assessment of the socio-economic impact

Prepare the questionnaires for the public and the stakeholders.

To assess the overall impact of the project.

Communication and dissemination actions

D1. Project website To create and continuously updated IMPROVE website
D2. LIFE+ Information boards To create and place information boards, describing the project’s objectives and activities, addressed to the general public.
D3. Dissemination of project results including a Networking-Open forum To convey the project results to the general public, stakeholders, researchers, public transport institutions and governmental institutions: open forum, international conference, articles in press, publications in scientific journals, informative leaflets.
D4. Layman’s Report To produce the Layman’s Report in electronic and paper format

Project management and monitoring of the project progress

E1. Project Management and Audit Scientific, financial and administrative management. Preparation of the IMPROVE reports. Audit of the financial forms
E2. Monitoring of the project progress Monitor the overall progress. Verify the compliance with the Grant Agreement. Maintain communication between partners, Monitoring Team and the EC.
E3. Networking with other  European projects Networking with other projects and organise workshops
E4. After-LIFE+ Plan Prepare and disseminate the After-LIFE+ Communication Plan