• This action officially started on July 2016. However, benefiting from the questionnaires that TMB carries out annually among the subway travellers, a first series of questions related to the IMPROVE project was elaborated during October 2015. The questions that were asked to 646 subway passengers were:

Q1 . Have you ever thought about how is the quality of the air we breathe in the subway environment? < Yes, No, Doesn´t know.>
Q2. Could you assess the quality of the air we breathe in the premises of the subway on a scale : very good, good, fair, bad or very bad? < Very good, good, fair, bad, very bad, Doesn´t know >
Q3 . Do you know the work that TMB and CSIC are doing to improve air quality in the subway? < Yes, No, Doesn´t know >

A report on the results of this first questionnaire prepared by TMB can be accessed  in this link (201512_Informe Qualitat Aire METRO (EPC)_cuestionarios 2015)

  • An on-line questionnaire about different aspects of IMPROVE has being ellaborated and was launched in the project webpage in January 2017.