The project expects to achieve a reduction of particulate matter (PM) levels, by identifying and encouraging the application of effective air mitigation strategies appropriate for European/worldwide subway transport systems. These mitigation strategies , previously tested, will be provide to local and national transport authorities of European countries to enable them to reduce concentrations of PM, including a focus on some of the more specific chemical components in the subway air.

This will be achieved by:

  • Evaluation of the effect of air quality mitigation measures already used in some subway systems worldwide, identifying the main air pollution sources in both platforms and trains in underground transport systems worldwide.
  • The conduction of extensive measurement campaigns in a range of platforms and inside trains of the Barcelona subway system that will be selected during the implementation of the project. The scope is to identify the specific sources of air pollutants in this environment and thus test possible measures to obtain the optimal air quality conditions for travellers.
  • The determination of the effect of such mitigation strategies on the PM levels and the concentrations of specific chemical components, aiming to demonstrate how to achieve a reduction of 10% on general subway inhalable PM concentrations.
  • The production of technical guides and reports with the results and efficient mitigation measures which will be given to transport and policy making Authorities.

In addition during the project the following results will be also achieved:

  • Creation of a web page portal providing access to the IMPROVE activities, and giving full details of its objectives, actions, progress and results.
  • Organising an open forum with the participation of a broad range of stakeholders related to transport and policy making.
  • Organising one workshop for the general public with partners from other LIFE+ projects.
  • Organising an International Conference for transport authorities and policy makers.
  • Appearing in media/press releases with the results of the project.
  • Producing one Layman’s report (on Actions, Tools, Effects and Long term benefits from the project in National and European level), technical publications in scientific journals and conferences and project reports with main results and activities progress.