LIFE13 ENV/ES/000923 BIOBALE – Development of a cogeneration demonstration plant from biomass forest bales

LIFE13 ENV/IT/000140 DIGITALIFE – A novel system for manufacturing high quality photocatalytically active tiles

LIFE13 ENV/ES/000417 LIFE+ RESPIRA – Reduction of exposure of cyclists to urban pollutants

LIFE13 ENV/ES/001221 LIFE-PHOTOSCALING – Sustainability of photocatalytic technologies on urban pavements

LIFE12 ENV/ES/000749 LIFE EQUINOX – Surface Treatment for Asphalt pavements to Nitrogen oxides removal in Urban Environments

LIFE11 ENV/DE/000495 – CLEAN AIR for European cities

LIFE11 ENV/ES/000584 AIRUSE – Testing and Development of air quality mitigation measures in Southern Europe

LIFE10 ENV/IT/327 MED-PARTICLES – Particles size and composition in Mediterranean countries: geographical variability and short-term health effects

LIFE09 ENV/CY/000252 PM3 – Particulates Monitoring, Modelling and Management

LIFE09 ENV/GR/000289 ACEPT-AIR Development of A Cost Efficient Policy Tool for reduction of Particulate Matter in AIR

LIFE07 ENV/A/000003 CMA+ – PM10 reduction by the application of liquid Calcium-Magnesium Acetate (CMA)

UFFIREG – Ultrafine Particles – an Evidence based Contribution to the Development of Regional and European Environmental and Health Policy

ACTRIS – Aerosols, Clouds, and Trace gases Research Infra-Structure Network


IMPROVE LIFE project established collaboration with DIGITALIFE project during a networking workshop that took take place in Castellón, Spain on the 4th of June 2015.