This action finished on the 31st of march 2015, within it the following deliverables and milestones have been elaborated from 1st of January 2015:

o Deliverable – Historical PM levels and chemical composition database (A1_Historical database): A literature review of recent studies conducted in subway systems worldwide is documented in this report, which includes information on the location of the study, time duration of the study, measuring equipment used, frequency of the samples, number of samples collected and species analysed, as well as the type of main pollution sources identified. Average values of each parameter studied in each study are shown in Annexe A at the end of this report.

Dalhousie University, Aaron van Donkelaar : From NASA

o Deliverable – Air pollutants source apportionment studies (A1_SourceApportionment): Review on studies in recent published literature that include a discussion on the possible sources emitting airborne particles within the subway environment. Showing the main parameters to be considered in subway air quality studies: Following the results from a total of 62 studies, carried out in 30 different cities, shown in the “Historical PM level and chemical composition database” report, a list of 9 parameters have been identified as the most important for future subway air quality studies.

o Milestone – Prioritisation of air pollution sources in subway systems: Based on the sources identified in the studies shown in the deliverables, a prioritisation of air pollution sources in subway systems has been achieved.