The Management Committee was elected in the kick off meeting celebrated the 28th of October 2014, where representatives of both partners attended, these being CSIC as the coordinating partner and TMB as associated beneficiaries.


The first project report was submitted on  the 30th of June 2015: 

Inception Report

ANNEX I – Partnership agreement
ANNEX II – Output indicators
ANNEX III – Deliverables
Deliverable 1. Project website
Deliverable 2. Historical PM level and chemical composition database.
Deliverable 3. LIFE+ Information board.
Deliverable 4. Review air pollutant sources and suggestion of parameters to test
Deliverable 5. Minutes of the Open-Forum on air quality in subway systems
Deliverable 6. Minutes of the Expert´s workshop
Deliverable 7. IMPROVE LIFE informative leaflet 
Deliverable 13. Scientific publications and European conferences
Deliverable 15. Press and media releases.
Deliverable 19. Three-months summary reviews. 
ANNEX IV – Milestones
Milestone A. Project Management Team
Milestone B. Indicators of Progress
Milestone C. Quality Assurance Plan
Milestone D. Prioritisation of air pollution sources in subway systems.
Milestone E. Open-Forum with stakeholders
ANNEX V – Others
Kick-off meeting
Technical reports on the advance of sampling campaigns.
Abstracts incoming International Conferences (London, Milan).