D1 Deliverable 01  Project website 31-dic-14
A1 Deliverable 02  Historical PM level and chemical composition database  31-ene-15
D2 Deliverable 03  Information boards  31-ene-15
A1 Deliverable 04  Review on air pollutants sources and parameters to test  31-ene-15
D3 Deliverable 05  Minutes of the open Forum  30-sep-15
E3 Deliverable 06  Minutes of the expert’s workshop  30-sep-15
D3 Deliverable 07  Informative leaflets  30-jun-16
B1 Deliverable 08  Report sources contribution  30-sep-16
B2 Deliverable 09  Report Mitigation measures  30-mar-17
B2  Deliverable 10  Technical guide Mitigation measures  30-jun-17
C2 Deliverable 11  Questionairs for  public / stakh.  31-dic-17
C1 Deliverable 12  Report policy effectiveness  31-dic-17
D3 Deliverable 13  Publications journals/conferences  31-mar-18
E4 Deliverable 14  After-Life communication plan  31-mar-18
D3 Deliverable 15  Articles in general/trade press  31-mar-18
E1 Deliverable 16  External audit and financial reports  31-mar-18
D4 Deliverable 17  Layman’s Report  31-mar-18
D3 Deliverable 18  Procedings of the conference  31-mar-18
E1 Deliverable 19  Inception/Mid-term/Final Report  31-mar-18
C2 Deliverable 20  Report Socio-economic Impact  31-mar-18
E2 Deliverable 21  Summary reviews  31-mar-18